A call for women

For years and years
voices have been restrained,
and silent actions demanded,
To be someone else /
someone lesser than “he”,

But still we soar
Generation after generation
challenging the system
Breaking free
from history

The story of women’s suffering,
It cannot survive,
we must ALWAYS
call for equality, and
for ALL women to be free


as you paddle out
the weight of the water,
supports you, moves you forward,
to the sound of magic,
to the thunderous beat,
of waves that crash ahead.

once in the line up,
You look to the horizon,
the first glorious sight of swell rising,
… and the waves roll in…

no time to think,
no time to feel,
the power of the wave
Has you in its embrace
Time negated, fear suppressed
This is what it’s all about.

completely present
it is in this moment
You are fully alive

To be a plant 

the plants in our garden
are fully alive
with no thoughts or ego,
They are true to themselves,
They are geniuses at work

They accept the seasons
the changing weather conditions
harsh heat, wind and rain
They never give up
They endure their suffering
and transform it into light.

grounded to the earth
proud and free
They dance to life, they experience it all – 

O how wonderful to be a plant! 

Interpretative wear 

Uniforms and dress codes
Suits and ties
all in midday heat

Formal for this,
casual for that,
less is more, but
more is better,
dress to impress, or
dress to express

so many rules
lots of reasons
some practical, few necessary
mostly random
Stipulated by society
Required by religion

If they control what you wear
they control your thoughts
And so I say –
wear what you want,
when you want,
Let your mind be free!

the life I choose.

As the power of the wave
crashes on my head,
Frightened, I think
I must never give up,
There are those who
have suffered far more

I stub my toe,
irritated, I think
Change your attitude
Aren’t you lucky
You got a toe!  

more obstacles,
big feelings,
weird thoughts,
determined, I command myself
To be happy

We all have a choice
To choose our way 
So I call on courage and I repeat my story,
I live in my dream,
I live the life I choose.